Alginit is a natural mineral, a complex mineral for soil amelioration that is unique in the world.


Alginit, a mineral of natural origin, developed from the mixture of fossil algae-biomass and eroded volcanic tuff 4-5 million years ago. At that time, in the Carpathian Basin, where the Pannonian lake system existed, strong volcanic activities took place. Ring – shaped basaltic tuff craters (called „maar“) emerged from volcanic eruptions. They played…


Alginit can absorb and hold far more then half of it’s own weight, without seepage or evaporation. In fact 1 t of Alginit is able to store at least 630 l water of which 410 l are in any case plant available. Once stored, this water remains available to supply plants with sufficient quantities of water, allowing them to withstand periods of drought…


Alginit is recommended for the use in soil amelioration wherever there is a need to bind and retain water and nutrients. This applies to all cultivated land, especially to loose, sandy soils and it improves the soil quality in terms of an increased organic matter content. Especially the arid and semi arid zones in the world, such as in the…


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